A&R Music Storefront

Who We Are

One of our favourite things is being able to find what you’re after at a store just down the street. A&R Music customers feel the same way.

The staff at A&R Music have over 30 years of experience in the music world. We have spent a lot of time researching suppliers so we can bring quality products at affordable prices into the area.


What We Do

There is a lot of music in Bruce-Grey and the surrounding areas…talented musicians who play everything from blues and bluegrass, punk and alternative, classic rock, country and original compositions.

A&R Music has musical instruments, books and accessories for

  • experienced musicians
  • those who like to jam with a few buddies on the weekends
  • youngsters just learning a new instrument
  • music teachers, students in school bands and church choirs

About Us CMT

Something For Everyone

Our store carries a great selection of musical instruments and accessories including

  • guitars, amps, keyboards, drum kits
  • mandolins, violins, ukuleles and more
  • recorders, harmonicas, percussion
  • strings, pedals, cables, straps, gig bags
  • drum practice pads, sticks, cymbals, hardware
  • reed, rosin, bows, metronomes, tuners
  • cleaners, polishes, humidifiers


What Our Name Means

In the music business, A and R is short for Artists and Repertoire. Virtually every major music label has an A and R department, stocked primarily with talent scouts and experiences musicians. Their main duties include recruiting new performers, aiding in contract negotiations, finding appropriate original material and acting as liaisons between artists and management. A successful A & R usually has one foot in the creative world and the other in the business world.


  1. One, such as a painter, sculptor or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.
  2. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.
  3. One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.


  1. The stock of songs, plays, operas, readings or other pieces that a player or company is prepared to perform.
  2. The class of compositions in a genre: has excellent command of chanteuse repertoire.
  3. The range or number of skills, aptitudes, or special accomplishments of a particular person or group.